Capturing Memories (without photographs)
e-Magazines - Issue 14 (Sep 2008) (Public)
Monday, 01 September 2008 17:00

Tanya Greenwood shares some of her experiences as an avid scrapbooker caught unawares without her precious camera and how it really is OK not to capture every single moment in life with an image, but rather with embellishments and words.

Love to travel by Tanya Greenwood (Page 1)

Love to travel by Tanya Greenwood
Even though I had no photographs of my very first trip overseas I can still recall most of the spectacular scenery from back then. To capture the trip I used some of my favourite stamps with some easy techniques to create a collage effect, and combined these images with travel themed patterned paper, stickers and embellishments. A piece of film down the side of my layout brings home the fact that I had no photos. My journaling is what makes this layout special and meaningful.
Cardstock by Bazzill Basics & Worldwin. Patterned paper by Anna Griffin, Making Memories & Karen Foster. Embellishments & stickers by Karen Foster. Stamps by Inkadinkado, Tim Holts & Paperbag Studios. Ink by Colorbox. Embossing by Cuttlebug. Phototurns by Making Memories. Film by Fujifilm. Other: Brads.

Even as an avid scrapbooker, I have, on occasion, been caught without my camera at a memorable moment. There are times an emotion or conversation I've had can't be caught on film but I want to preserve the memory. It is at moments like these I turn to journaling and it is the emotions captured by words that become the most important element on my page. Photographs leave a visual imprint of the memory and often the little things leading up to or surrounding the image are forgotten. Not too long ago I found myself behind the camera, more often trying to capture the "little things of life" than actually being in the moment and enjoying them with my son. When I look back at the photos of him covered in mud or barefoot puddle jumping – a pang of regret overcomes me and I wish I could have shared the moment with him rather than being behind the camera. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade the photos for all the money in the world; however it was with this realisation that I vowed to become more involved in creating the memory than capturing it on film. Don't leave a special memory out of your scrapbook just because you don't have a photo to adhere to a layout. It is important to capture an experience in a special way that will strengthen the connection between event and memory. Some meaningful journaling, a few well placed embellishments and beautiful patterned paper are all you need to create a photo-less layout. Scrapbooking manufacturers have created pre-made embellishments for almost every occasion imaginable. A glance through your supplies or your local scrapbooking outlet may have just the item you need to share your story. Most scrapbookers are hoarders by nature so you more than likely have some memorabilia from an event you would like to record. Use these on your page to back up your journaling and create a visually interesting item.

Love to travel by Tanya Greenwood (Close-up 1)
Love to travel by Tanya Greenwood (Close-up 2)
Love to travel by Tanya Greenwood (Close-up 3)
Love to travel by Tanya Greenwood (Close-up 4)
Memorabilia items you could include on your photo-less layouts:
  • Movie ticket stubs
  • Concert tickets
  • Play programmes
  • Restaurant menus
  • Pressed flowers from a bouquet
  • Ribbon or trim cut from an outfit
  • Road maps showing a destination

Scrapbooking without photos also leaves you a little more room to experiment with techniques you wouldn't normally attempt for fear of distracting from the photos. Try collage art, UTEE stamping or altering papers for added interest. It is the moments not always captured on film that remains with us the longest so preserve these and find meaningful ways of recording them.

Remember, it's the story of life that you are preserving, not just pictures.

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