5 Minutes to spare
e-Magazines - Issue 15 (Oct 2008) (Public)
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 10:00

Scrapping time for busy executives and moms is a luxury, so whatever time you have to sneak away and get creative make use of it now. One way of being creative is to accept that there are no rules for creativity. So I have conformed to making some quick and easy 6x12" layouts. Not only can I be as creative as before but only need half the time and half the supplies than before. This bold leap is not permanent but is a refreshing change to the hectic pace and pressure when scrapping 12x12" layouts and filling loads of albums.

6x12" Layouts (Photo 1)
6x12" Layouts (Photo 2)
6x12" Layouts (Photo 3)
6x12" Layouts (Photo 4)

Maximize your available free time by trying your hand at scrapping 6x12" layouts. They are perfect if you only have a few minutes per day available, but still want to be creative and scrap.

Facts about 6x12" layouts
  • Work on a canvas that is half the size of a 12".
  • Simply cut your standard 12x12" cardstock in half.
  • You can create landscape or portrait layouts. Whatever works for your photos... Go for that.
  • You can easily use a selection of smaller photos on this layout, even if they are not such good quality.
  • Use off-cut strips of patterned papers to create a patterned background.
  • You only need a single embellishment to complete an entire layout.
  • This is the perfect size to experiment on before attempting a specific technique on a larger scale.
  • If you only have a single photo of an event this is the perfect time to use it and make it stand proud.
  • Did you know that you can purchase 6x12" albums for your layouts? Ask your local shop about them.

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