Travel log to Siena
e-Magazines - Issue 15 (Oct 2008) (Public)
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 15:00

Inspired by a Becky Higgins sketch, this layout can be interpreted in numerous ways to make it your own like Colleen Butler did here. Use the basic design as a guide to create your own unique layout.

Siena by Colleen Butler (Page 1)
Siena by Colleen Butler (Page 2)

Siena by Colleen Butler
This layout was designed by Barbs du Plessis and made by Colleen using some of her stunning travel photos. Colleen adds her own special touches to her layouts and make them her own after being guided. The original layout is based on a sketch by Becky Higgins from her popular book Best of Becky Higgins Sketches. This sketch can be interpreted in a myriad of ways to suit any theme. Why not try your hand at this same sketch?
Layout design by Barbs du Plessis. Patterned paper by Making Memories & MME. Rub-ons by Scrapbook King. Hinges & foam stamp by Making Memories. Other: Chipboard hearts, brads, diamantes, embroidery thread & acrylic paint.

Siena by Colleen Butler (Close-up 1)

The brass coloured hinges adds a beautiful contrast to the reds, blues and creams of the patterned papers. Although the hinges are purely decorative and not functional they still have a purpose. The contrast of the brads pick up the colours of the rub-ons used throughout the layout.

Siena by Colleen Butler (Close-up 2)

For this layout Colleen used lots of little details across the two pages to add interest. Hand sewn stitches in turquoise embroidery thread adds a beautiful contrast against the light coloured patterned papers. Acrylic stamping in a bold red frames the layout and help keep things together.

Siena by Colleen Butler (Close-up 3)

A decorative strip down the side of the second page is a blank canvas for bits and pieces. Matt strips of off-cut papers and cardstock on top of each other and finish it off with a strip of printed decorative tape. Add some hand sewn stitches along the side with heart shaped chipboard pieces.

Siena by Colleen Butler (Close-up 4)

Are you always stuck with some left-over rub-ons? Well this layout solves the problem all together. Use an entire sheet of themed rub-ons and create a piece of patterned paper as well as a decorative element. Combine several rub-ons from different companies onto a single piece of cardstock.

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