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e-Magazines - Issue 18 (Jan 2009) (Public)
Thursday, 01 January 2009 19:00

A focus on clever ideas on how to use your stash in different ways on your layouts and cards. Cariena Basson shares a refreshing layout filled with stamping techniques and other brilliant ideas.

Caught by Cariena Basson (Page 1)

Caught by Cariena Basson
Another beautiful layout filled with details and clever design ideas. Cariena used a single photo of her husband fishing and combined the traditionally associated brown fishing colour with a beautiful orange, yellow, green, silver and white. This colour combination makes for a fresh and delightful change to the blue shades so often used.
Cardstock by Basic Grey. Chipboard letters by Bohemian Scrapsody. Other: Stamps, silver embossing powder, resin tiles, flowers, brads, photo turn, photo corner, curly brackets and ink.

Caught by Cariena Basson (Close-up 1)
Caught by Cariena Basson (Close-up 2)
Caught by Cariena Basson (Close-up 3)

Two decorative stamped flourishes adorns the corner of the photo creatively. To make the flourishes stand out against the dark cardstock background, Cariena used a white ink. Always make sure that you use the correct ink type to stamp with for a beautiful image. Alternatively use a silver metallic ink to stamp with or embossing in white, silver, platinum or pearl will also work well.

A long journaling strip across the top half of the layout draws the eye towards it and forces the viewer to engage in reading it. The rounded corners is a fresh idea and adds a more designed look to it. To anchor the strip Cariena added a black photo turn to the left side of the strip. Notice how it also fills in the empty space towards the left of the journaling.

For her title letters Cariena used a beautiful script range of letters that she coloured. She used a silver ink to colour them and then added a layer of dimensional glaze for a nice shiny finish. The element of surprise lies in the lettering choice. One would normally choose a more robust solid lettering for a manly look, but Cariena successfully incorporated this script lettering to match the flourish stamp.

Caught by Cariena Basson (Close-up 4)
Caught by Cariena Basson (Close-up 5)
Caught by Cariena Basson (Close-up 6)

Chipboard elements and lettering has quickly become one of the most versatile elements in scrapbooking because of its functionality. It can be coloured and decorated in a myriad of different ways using a huge variety of different products. Cariena chose a yellow Distress Embossing Powder that added both colour and texture to her photo corner and chipboard brackets.

We haven't seen these acrylic tiles for a while in scrapbooking. She used clear acrylic ones to form a corner around her photo. Remember that when you use clear tiles like these that it is very important for the glue not to show through. Use dimensional glaze to adhere them to your layout for a quick, clear and no-fuss alternative to normal adhesive. These tiles can also be used to create fun borders.

To change the look of her silk and paper flowers she used black and metallic silver ink to stamp a charming script image onto the flowers. It is probably the quickest way of altering the look of flowers without drastically changing the look too much. The stamping just adds an interesting pattern that sets these flowers apart from others. Use a darker shade of ink in the same colour as your flowers for a watermark effect.

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