Subscription Packages

If you are reading this article you have given the thought of subscribing to imagine e-articles some serious consideration. This also means that you love scrapbooking and it is more than just a hobby... It is your passion... An outlet for the creative spirit that lingers just beneath the surface - always looking for the perfect moment in time to capture, so those that follow can bask in the moments that unequivocally made sense of not only your life, but also the lives of the ones you love. Welcome home!

Whithout this amazing ability to express ourselves - our moments and our memories - they lose their essence and fade into the distance where we lose sight of the joy that so abundantly poured into our hearts. Layouts lovingly put together, exploring the highs and lows of your life can be a healing process today, and an inspirational journey tomorrow. We all have moments that define our existance, and then the urge to create a tangable reminder consumes our thoughts. Scrapbooking is the vice that brings it all together and explains our feelings without pretence.

This website is a place where you can explore new ways to express yourself through beautiful layouts and captivating techniques. It is a place where inspiration meets artistic ability. A place where proven knowledge meets exciting new discoveries. Your place. Spoil yourself and subscribe to imagine e-articles today. We can't wait to welcome you to our family of interesting artists.

Standard Subscription
The standard subscription gives you instant full access to all imagine e-articles, including the 'techniques' and 'how to' categories where we teach you how to do the beautiful artistic things used in each e-article. You will also be able to participate in any special offers and polls, and be able to submit your very own e-articles for possible publication. Even though the electronic reproduction of the imagine printed and digital magazines is still a work in progress, you will also have full access to all content added to this project. Our site currently supports most modern day popular internet browsers, from any destination - with internet access - in the world.

What is included in our standard subscription.
  • Instant full access to the entire e-article section. You will be able to see what other talented scrapbookers are doing right now, learn from them, and also maybe even teach them a few new tricks of your own. Inspiration can be very illusive without constant access to new ideas and interesting viewpoints. Our e-Articles section opens the door to anyone yearning for more.
  • Full access to all printed and digital back issues of imagine magazine as they are published here. We have been given the green light by Studio J Media to reproduce all their previous issues on our website. Adverts and other magazine related stuff stripped away - just pure scrapbooking bliss. This is however a work in progress and articles will be added as we finish each issue.
  • Ability to partake in polls and special offers as released on our website from time to time. We try to get special offers for our subscribes from other scrapbooking recourses and present it here in the form of special offers.
  • Ability to submit your very own e-articles to the editor for publication. Want your name up in lights? Just want to share some usefull information with others? Maby just teach others how to do a new technique you discovered? Well here is the place to do exactly that!
  • All animated advertisement banners thought they will not disappear, will at least be substituted with static single image banners that will not distract you whilst reading your favourite article after you log in.
  • Our support team will also be standing by to assist you with any problems that cannot be solved by looking in our 'Help' section. As a subscriber this is your space to explore, so let us know if it is not working properly.

For only R 120.00 per year you can learn how to scrapbook like a pro in your own time - and share with others what you have learned - without having to leave the comfort of your home. Don't miss out on all the great ideas and beautiful artworks.

To subscribe is easy and gives you access to a wealth of scrapbooking information presented in an easy to understand step-by-step manner. No expensive classes to learn a new technique you wanted to use yesterday. With this subscription you can do it instantly in the comfort of your scrapbooking studio while you are busy with your latest project. The 'public articles' menu on the left will give you some idea of what awaits every subscriber.