On the cover
Magazines - Issue 01 (Aug 2007) (Public)
Wednesday, 01 August 2007 22:00

Here's to our launch issue and many more creative covers. Our beautiful cover is a combination of a scrapbook layout, mini-albums and the new 7Gypsies file folder, some magazines and an old book for good measure. This is a glimpse of the contents of our magazine and what you can expect in future issues.

imagine Magazine Issue 1 (August 2007) Cover
imagine Magazine Issue 1 (August 2007) Cover (Styled Photo)

This article is an online reproduction of page 14-15 of imagine magazine issue 1 (August 2007) as released by Studio J Media. The original magazine can be ordered in printed form directly from them on their website. Information shared in this article is deemed correct at the time the original magazine was released and may have become outdated or products referred to unavailable. For the sake of reference the publish date of this online article on our site is the date the original publication was released and times are for internal sorting purposes only.