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Magazines - Issue 02 (Sep 2007) (Public)
Saturday, 01 September 2007 13:00

Ansie Vicente shares how you can recycle old computer media like floppies, stiffies and CDs into stunning durable mini-albums.

Nkosi by Ansie Vicente (Page 1)

Nkosi by Ansie Vicente
Ansie created a beautiful layout and added hidden space for journaling using a floppy disk. The floppy disk is decorated with patterned paper and embellishments. An easy way to make a durable book that is also functional.
Cardstock by Bazzill Basics. Patterned paper by Chatterbox, Scrapsheets & KI Memories. Stickers by American Crafts. Other: Flowers, brads, handmade paper, ric-rac, floppy disks.

Sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. In my case, this meant helping my architect husband move office just before Christmas. After his staff had gone through everything they had accumulated for 25 years, made heaps of "stuff for Ansie to discard" and quietly moved the contents of their desks into the new space, my job was to oversee the final packing and transport. And the discarding. Urgh. Architects have stacks of samples, and my biggest worry was what to do with all the obsolete carpet sample books. I knew from my experience that dumps wouldn't accept them. I was also astounded at how many computer discs were being thrown away. Piles and piles of the stuff, from the "old floppy diskettes" to smaller "stiffy diskettes" to CDs, all containing someone's house plans and an array of chemicals that are harmful to the environment if they're placed in dumps. I'm too much of a bunny-hugger to do that, so I was determined to find an alternative.

Having attended Donna Downey's CD album class at the Scrapbook Expo, I immediately claimed all the discarded CD's for myself. Free stash to make more mini-albums, yeehaa! A closer look at the old fabric and carpet sample books yielded at least 2 binder screws per sample book. So much for paying R5 per binder screw in a scrapbook shop! In less than an hour, I added 76 binder screws to my stash for the price of one broken nail. (I tried to undo the first one with my thumbnail. Stoopid).

My nail file worked much better - since the screwdriver was lost somewhere in the move.

But there were still the pile of stiffies and floppies to deal with. I extracted a few and played around with them at home, trying to recreate the CD-album feel. By the next morning, I had come up with a workable plan for re-cycling the discs into albums, bound with the binder screws I'd salvaged. I brought the whole lot home, much to my hubby's dismay. I started making albums as Christmas gifts, covering the floppies and stiffies with scrap papers. And of course, every ten discs came with their own box, so I could make pretty boxes to house the albums too. There were so many discs, I couldn't possible use them all. I ended up teaching a class of 50 keen scrappers, providing each woman with enough floppies to make two albums! Most of them have gone on to raid their own homes and offices for obsolete discs, because the project is quick and easy and very impressive.

Now, SA has fewer discs in its rubbish dumps, and more pretty albums. So feel free to do your good deed for the day and make some albums from old floppies. You are saving the environment.

PS if you're wondering what happened to al those fabric and carpet samples: they're being used by rural nursery schools which cater to the needs of child-headed households in the Magaliesburg area. The kids love their new "patchwork" carpets, because it means they no longer have to sit on cold concrete floors any more. The fabric has been sewn into blankets and clothing for the kids by some friendly ladies in the area. They can be reached through the AFM church in Magaliesburg if you have similar obsolete-sample-bookdisposal issues.

Sweet Boy Stiffy Disk Mini-Album by Ansie Vicente (Photo 1)

Sweet Boy Stiffy Disk Mini-Album by Ansie Vicente
This brag book consists of four stiffy disks. Because the pages are durable it can be carried with ease in your purse to show off your latest grandchild.
Patterned paper by Chatterbox & KI Memories. Stickers and ribbon by KI Memories. Diamantes by KI Memories. Other: Book rings, ribbon, rub-ons.

How to make a floppy disk mini-album

Floppy Disk Mini-Albums by Ansie Vicente (Photo 1)

Making the album
The aim is to use the computer diskettes as the base of the pages in your album. Each diskette is covered in paper before adhering photos. The binder screw (or scrapper's ring) is then used to hold the pages together in the top left hand corner of the album. You have a choice of making a bigger album using floppies, or a smaller album using stiffies.

What you need
  • 6 Floppy diskettes or 4 stiffy disks
  • Double-sided tape
  • Five sheets of 12x12" paper in co-ordinated colours
  • Assorted ribbon
  • Brads
  • Embellishments
  • Photos
Covering your pages
  • Choose your paper for the cover and cut it to fit the floppy. Do not attach it to the cover yet.
  • Make a paper ruffle to decorate the front. Cut a strip of paper about 1" x 12". Attach a strip of double-sided tape to the back of the strip. Start at the left edge of your cover page, about a third down, attach a short length of the paper strip, then fold it back onto itself and then back onto your background paper. Continue until you have created a ruffled border along the front cover. Adhere the last bit down flat to accommodate the paper flower.
  • Make a paper flower by cutting 6-8 petals from paper of your choice. Punch a small hole in one end of each petal. Thread the legs of a brad through the hole from the front, combining the petals into a flower. Attach the flower to the flat section to the right of your paper ruffle.
  • Apply journaling and additional embellishments before adhering the page to your diskette. Add double-sided tape to the back of your cover page and adhere to the floppy diskette. Finish off with photos and embellishments.

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