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Magazines - Issue 04 (Nov 2007) (Public)
Thursday, 01 November 2007 17:00

Fashionable and unique home decor items are not always easy to find. So those of you feeling creative, can make your own. Sarah DuPont created a selection of beautiful lampshades and she tells us how.

For these unique lampshades Sarah printed her photographs on Epson Glossy Film. She then adhered them to her lampshades using ribbons and trims. Once the light is turned on and shines through the film the image is lit up and creates a beautiful soft glow. These are perfect for children's rooms and as a decorative element showcasing your favourite photographs. Remember to always test newly decorated lamps by leaving them on for a few hours under close supervision.

Warning: Never leave your candles unattended. Make sure the candles are safe to use with your projects and that they are not too close so they end up melting the glossy film.

Cherish Lampshade by Sarah Du Pont (Photo 1)

Cherish Lampshade by Sarah Du Pont
Sarah used a store bought lamp and simply added her photograph printed onto the Glossy Film using ribbon and a small amount of adhesive on the sides. This is a gorgeous gift to adorn a little girl's room.

Candle Lantern by Sarah Du Pont (Photo 1)

Candle Lantern by Sarah Du Pont
This candle lantern bought from a popular retail store was decorated in the same manner. Photos are printed onto the film and then placed inside the glass covered windows. The tea light candles provide light and in return gives a soft semi-transparent glow to the photographs.

What you need
  • Epson Premium Glossy Film
  • Epson photo quality printer
  • Store bought lampshade
  • Low Wattage light bulb
  • Suitable adhesive
  • Assorted ribbon

Lighting tip
Ask your local lighting sales agent if there is a low heat light bulb available that will work well with your project. Also try to buy the lowest Wattage available in the range or its energy saving counterpart.

How to print the glossy film images
  • Select your image and open it in your favourite editing program.
  • Resize the photograph so that it will fit nicely on the lampshade.
  • Select "Premium Quality Glossy Film" as the media type and "Photo" as the quality in the print setup when the photo is ready to be printed.
  • Print your photo onto the glossy side of the film and allow to dry.
  • Attach your printed photograph to the lampshade and decorate to match your interior.
Tips for handling your glossy film
  • Do not touch the surface of the film. Hold it by the edges only.
  • Feed each film sheet seperately into the printer.
  • Remove each printed sheet from the tray before printing another.
  • Always return any unused film to its original packaging.
  • Store your glossy film in a cool dry place.

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