The Ribbon Slot Punch
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Monday, 06 July 2009 20:19

Create quick and easy slots for threading ribbon using this nifty little tool. Now you can have uniform even spaced slots in different sizes to thread ribbon through creating borders and accents on your cards and layouts.

The Making Memories Instant Setter fitted with a Ribbon Slot Tip. The two slots in the white cardstock were made using the two tips visible in the photo.

The Ribbon Slot Punch is a term used to casually refer to the Making Memories Instant Setter when combined with their Ribbon Slot Tips. The Ribbon Slot Tip Set include several different sized punch tips that enable you to make slots in cardstock and patterned paper for almost any size ribbon. Alternatively you can use the slots as a decorative border around cards and layouts without threading ribbon through them at all. Pasting paper with a contrasing colour behind the slots also lends a beautiful finish to any layout.

What you will need
  • Ribbon Slot Tips (Making Memories)
  • Instant Setter (Making Memories)
  • Self healing mat
  • Cardstock
  • Ribbon
How to
  • Insert the desired Ribbon Slot Tip into the Instant Setter handle. The tips are magnetic so they will snap into place.
  • Place the tip in position on your cardstock and press down firmly until the Instant Setter makes a loud clicking noise. For thicker cardstock repeat the punching motion two or three times before you lift the tip from the paper.
  • Remove the Instant Setter and thread your ribbon through as required.
Tips & Tricks
  • The Ribbon Slot Tips are designed as an attachment for the Instant Setter. This means that you don't need to buy separate tools for different functions such as punching holes, setting eyelets or punching slots.
  • Always keep the handle up straight to ensure you get a perfect punch each time. Tilting the handle causes the tool to not work properly.
  • It makes ribbon and paper weaving consistent and simple. No more measuring or freehand cutting to try and get even sized and spaced slots.
  • If the Instant Setter doesn't punch through your paper, you may need to set its tension. Refer to the manufacturer's guide for the correct settings.