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Pigment Ink Pad

These ink pads are acid-free and fade-resistant. Pigment ink pads are excellent for stamping onto ordinary paper, cardstock, tissue paper, wood and other porous surfaces. Pigment ink pads can be used for embossing since the ink stays wet long enough to add embossing powder. Re-inkers are available.


In computer science the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a coloured dot) is called a pixel. Each pixel in a picture has a specific colour and intensity. The greater the numbers of pixels per inch the greater the resolution.


Preservation or conservation is the activity associated with maintaining library, archival or museum materials for use in their original form or in other forms such as CD-ROM.

Primary Colour

The three basic colours red, blue and yellow are true colours because they cannot be created by mixing any other colour.

PVA Glue

Polyvinyl acetate, an archival white glue. It dries transparent even after several coats have been applied and will remain water soluble. If mixed with a gel it becomes water resistant. Used in book making, board books and decoupage.


A quire refers to 25 sheets of paper.


A ream refers to 500 sheets of paper.


Create rhythm on a layout by means of repetition, continuous lines or images. Images can be arranged across your layout or repeated to create the illusion of peace or movement. Rhythm, created by connecting components brings order to your design.

Rice Paper

A misnomer used to describe a light weight Oriental paper. There is no such thing as rice paper. Only rice starch is used to size paper such as mulberry paper and other handmade papers. The most common mistake is when people refer to vellum as rice paper.

Rubber Stamp

An image that is made out of rubber and usually mounted onto a piece of wood for easy handling. Rubber stamps are used to imprint an image onto paper by hand using ink.