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Drawing a line on paper with a bone folder and metal ruler where it will be folded to ensure a nice clean fold. The indent formed on the paper will stop small cracks and lines from forming along the fold line. It is important to score a fold line especially when folding against the grain of the paper.


An album filled with layouts to complete an entire theme or a collection of events that were scrapbooked in an artistic manner.


Mounting and preserving pictures, clippings, photos and other mementos in an artistic and archival manner. Scrapbooking enables us to preserve who and what we are for future generations while letting our creative selves take charge of the process.

Secondary Colour

These colours are created by mixing equal quantities of any two of the three primary colours. Red and blue make purple, yellow and blue make green, and yellow and red make orange, and so on.


Any colour can be shaded by simply adding black. Shading basically refers to darker shades of the primary colours.


Any of a large class of siloxanes that are unusually stable over a wide range of temperatures. Used in lubricants, adhesives, coatings, synthetic rubber and electrical insulation. Although not commonly associated with scrapbooking silicone is a great way to stick embellishments.

Solvent Ink Pad

Acid-free and archival. These fast drying solvent ink pads are specifically made for stamping onto surfaces like buttons, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic, leather, coated paper, laminated paper and wood. This ink pad is ideal to use on slick surfaces and is permanent. Leave your stamped image to dry or heat set with a heat gun. Re-inkers available.

Spray Glue

Ideal for thin mulberry papers and large sheets of paper. Acid-free, non-yellowing, quick-drying adhesive that dries clear. It can be permanent or re-positionable. Ideal for bonding vellum, transparencies, foam, cork and cardboard.

Stamp Pad

Coloured ink pads that are used with rubber- and acrylic stamps to transfer and stamp images onto paper and other surfaces. Stamp pads are available in different types that are made specially for different surface, such as pigment-, solvent-, dye-, and chalk ink pads.

Stamp Positioner

A see-through tool that allows you to position your stamped images exactly where you would like them to be on your paper. Stamp positioners are used with rubber stamps that are wood mounted thus not allowing the user to see clearly where the image will be stamped.