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Distress Ink Pad

Distress ink pads are acid-free, fade-resistant, water-based dye inks. These inks are used to dye, stain and age paper, cardstock and photos. Available in different coloured ink pads and also in liquid form. Re-inkers are available for the ink pads.

Dots Per Inch

Dots Per Inch (DPI) measures the resolution of a scanner, printer or image. The more dots per inch the sharper your image will be. Images used for magazines and other print type media typically have a high resolution such as 300dpi, versus a low resolution image on the internet of 72dpi.

Double Sided Tape

A clear see-through adhesive used to adhere photographs to cardstock. Generally considered as the best adhesive when adhering paper to paper. Look out for the acid-free kind when using it on photographs. Double sided tape can be removed from cardstock by heating the back of the cardstock with a heat gun for a few seconds and then peel off the tape on the front. Double sided tape can also have a thick foam centre which is great for 3D effects.


See: Dots Per Inch

Dry Embossing

See: Blind Embossing


A term used to describe dabbing a brush loaded with paint on a scrap piece of paper before painting on the actual artwork. This is done to remove access paint. When actually painting short swift strokes should be used.

Dye Ink Pad

Dye ink pads are available in an array of colours and are water resistant which enables you to colour your stamped images with watercolours without smudging. They are also acid-free and fade resistant for archival use. It dries permanently on matt and glossy paper.


Lightly dipping a sponge into paint and gently rubbing it across the edge of a piece of paper adds dimension. Ink pads can give it a distressed look. It is recommended that the piece of paper be firmly held in the air by the other hand while being edged.


Includes all those extra bits and pieces on layouts and cards such as alphabet letters, tags, buttons, brads, ribbon, die-cuts and much more. All those beautifully designed products that we use to enhance our photos and layouts.


Embossing a surface means that certain areas are raised creating dimensions to emphasize them.