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Embossing Gun

See: Heat Gun

Embossing Powder

These granulated dimensional powders are available in a myriad of different colours and textures. They vary from fine detailed powders to dimensional enamel and regular granules. Embossing powder is a fast melting powder that delivers a rich colour and solid bonding surface. The powder is sprinkled onto an inked surface and then melted with a heat gun creating a slightly raised image.


The eye is drawn to a focal point on a layout. This can easily be achieved through the placement of your elements or by adding a contrasting colour. Emphasis can be on a single enlarged photo or a group of pictures. You want the emphasise the most important element or thought on your layout.


Ephemera can be anything from vintage postcards to letters and little bits and pieces collected from family members or overseas trips. They can be recent or something old. Ephemera is usually used in altered books, scrapbooks and collages.


Two resins that are mixed together to form a strong hard bond. It is used to create a see-through surface that is water-resistant and very strong.


A small metal ring that is used to reinforce a hole. Also called a grommet. Eyelets are available in a large variety of sizes, shapes and colours. They can also be used to attach elements to page layouts or in a purely decorative manner.


A thin textured thread that can be used with ribbon or on its own. Combine fibers to create a soft dimensional effect on your scrapbooks or craft projects.


Also known as found objects or ephemera. Findings are items that an artist obtains either purposefully or by accident and collect to be used in art projects.


With millions of different types of fonts available on the market you can use them to enliven your scrapbooks and art journals. The different typefaces can accommodate anything from hand written types to more normal calligraphy style fonts. Choose different fonts in your word processing program from special font CD's or download free fonts from the internet.

Found Object

See: Findings