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The thickness of paper that is expressed in thousands of an inch.


A heavy weight paper of any colour or that contains any printed design used for scrapbooking and cardmaking. Cardstock can range from 100gsm to 350gsm in weight. Always make sure that the cardstock weight is appropriate for your printer should you wish to do further printing on it. Cardstock that exceeds the weight limit of your printer may cause paper jams and/or damage your printer.


A powdery and lightweight medium that is used to add colour to images, and for shading. Apply chalks to stamped and printed images with a sponge, cotton ball, pixie/pudgie applicators, ear buds, or even the fingers.

Chalk Enhancing Liquid

A liquid that can be added to chalk before or after application to enhance its appearance and give it a watercolour effect.

Chalk Ink Pad

Acid-free chalk ink pads are saturated with ink and ideal for scrapbooking. They are fade-resistant and permanent when heat set. Chalk ink pads lets you create chalk pastel effects when stamping and creating backgrounds. Light colours are also ideal for stamping onto dark coloured cardstock.


Paper and found objects such as ticket stubs and ephemera glued to a flat surfaces to form a combined artwork.

Colour Wheel

A colour wheel is used by professional artists and designers. It describes the relationship between colours and shows the a logical sequence of hues. There are 12 basic colours on the colour wheel, but hundreds of colours can be created with tints and shades of these colours.

Complementary Colour

Each primary colour have a complimentary (opposite) colour by mixing the other two primary colours together.

Craft Knife

A scalpel like knife used with a metal ruler to trim photographs, paper and cardstock. It has interchangeable blades for easy replacement when the blades are blunt. Craft knifes should be used on a cutting mat to protect work surfaces.

Craft Sheet

A Teflon-coated, heat resistant sheet that can be used to protect your work surface when working with heat. Ideal for painting on, applying glue and ink. Easy to clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth.