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Deckle Edge Scissors

Scissors designed with a patterned blade. These are available in different designs to add a creative edge to photographs, paper and cardstock. Make sure to line up the patterns of the scissors when cutting for a clean line.


A technique used to decorate surfaces with images cut from decorative wrapping paper.


To create or execute a project in an artistic or highly skilled manner.


The shaped steel blade set into a protective frame that die-cutting machines use to create die-cuts.


A cut-out image made by passing a piece of paper through a die-cutting machine.

Die-Cutting Machine

A variety of die-cutting machines are available today. The machine uses a press or rollers to push a sharp steel blade into different materials to cut a specific shape or image. Electronic die-cutting machines can be used in conjunction with your computer and/or cartridges and uses a moving blade to cut any shape in any size imaginable.

Dimensional Stability

The degree to which paper will maintain its size and form when it is subjected to moisture and humidity.

Distress Ink Pad

Distress ink pads are acid-free, fade-resistant, water-based dye inks. These inks are used to dye, stain and age paper, cardstock and photos. Available in different coloured ink pads and also in liquid form. Re-inkers are available for the ink pads.

Dots Per Inch

Dots Per Inch (DPI) measures the resolution of a scanner, printer or image. The more dots per inch the sharper your image will be. Images used for magazines and other print type media typically have a high resolution such as 300dpi, versus a low resolution image on the internet of 72dpi.

Double Sided Tape

A clear see-through adhesive used to adhere photographs to cardstock. Generally considered as the best adhesive when adhering paper to paper. Look out for the acid-free kind when using it on photographs. Double sided tape can be removed from cardstock by heating the back of the cardstock with a heat gun for a few seconds and then peel off the tape on the front. Double sided tape can also have a thick foam centre which is great for 3D effects.