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Short for Graphic Interchange Format. GIF is widely used to format images that appear on web pages because they contain compressed data. GIF images will download faster on your computer and supports transparency, but supports only 256 colours. This image type is widely used for illustrations rather than colour photos which require a much larger palette. Images with large palettes that are saved in GIF format will degrade due to colour substitution.


The application of gold, silver, potpourri, or copper foil to a surface. Gilding can be done on different surfaces ranging from ceramics to paper and even chipboard.


A transparent non-stick paper used in gilding. Glassine is also available in different textured designs and are usually used as insert pages in traditional and handmade photo albums. Also used for making small envelopes on scrapbooks.

Glue Dot

Glue dots are small, clear sticky dots that can be peeled off a roll as needed and used to stick down buttons and other small embellishments.

Glue Gun

See: Hot Glue Gun

Glue Stick

The small plastic rods that can be loaded into a hot glue gun and the common dry glue sticks we all remember from school both are referred to as glue sticks.

Grain Direction

The direction in which a majority of the fibers lie in a finished sheet of paper. Grain direction can influence the way in which your paper folds and tears. Paper that is folded with the grain direction will result in a clean fold, where paper folded against the grain direction will result in an ugly buckled fold. The same goes for tearing paper. Paper torn in the direction of the grain will tear easily and neatly.


The weight of paper as measured in grams per square meter.

Gum Arabic

A plant resin that can be used to bind colour pigments and will improve the flow of your paint. It also adds a glossy feel to your paint. Gum arabic can be added to acrylic paint, calligraphy ink and pigment paints.