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Handmade Paper

Paper made by hand using a mold. The mold is covered by a flat frame called a deckle to contain the run-off of wet pulp. Then it is dipped into a vat of wet pulp and shaken to distribute the fibers evenly and the excess water drained. The wet fibers remaining forms sheets of paper which is pressed and dried.

Heat Embossing

See: Thermal Embossing

Heat Gun

An electrical appliance used for thermal embossing. Designed to direct heat (in the form of hot air) to a specific area, it reaches high temperatures that forces embossing powders to melt causing a raised surface on a design. A heat gun can also be used to do many other things like drying wet paper, melt wax seal buttons, heat set wet ink and removing double sided tape to name but a few.

Hole Punch

For making holes into paper to add brads, eyelets or ribbon. Hand held paper punches are available in different sizes. 'Anywhere punches' are ideal for making holes in difficult places such as the middle of a page where other hand held punches cannot reach.

Hot Glue Gun

An electrical appliance that holds solid glue sticks in clear, white and a variety of other colours. Some coloured glue sticks even contain glitters. The glue gun heats the glue sticks that can then be applied to any surface through a round nozzle. The melted glue dries rapidly to form a nice effect or can be used to adhere embellishments.