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Paper Piercer

A sharp metal object used to prick small holes into paper for hand stitching.

Paper Punch

Paper punches are made from steel to punch specific shapes such as flowers, hearts or leaves through paper. These are single punches with specific shapes. To prevent damage to your punch avoid punching heavy cardstock as they are designed for paper. To sharpen your punch, punch through wax paper a few times.

Paper Trimmer

Paper trimmers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Used to trim down photos, paper and light weight cardstock to smaller sizes. It has a safety blade that runs on a track.


Short for Portable Document Format. PDF is part of a host of programs released by Adobe and boasts great features that allows for easy distribution of most documents and/or images in a digital book style format. Your audience however will need to install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the contents of these files. PDF files are compressed to a very small size without quality degradation and supports security which makes it a good format for digital manuals and application forms.

Perfect Bound

A process whereby sections of printed paper are scored, folded in half and saddle stitched before they are glued to the cover to form a book. Regarded widely as the best way to bind hard cover books. Perfect binding ensures the book will endure most of the usual wear and tear it will encounter during its life cycle without coming apart at the spine. Normal binding uses single pages that are just glued to the cover and is usually reserved for magazines.


The degree to which paper resists deterioration or change to its properties over time. Permanence must also take into consideration the way paper is stored and the end use conditions.


In short pH is a measure of the concentrations of acidity or alkalinity. The scale runs from 1 pH (very acidic) to 7pH (neutral) and 14pH (very alkalic).


A term used by manufacturers to indicate that their products are safe for use with photos. Highly respected in scrapbooking when preserving photos for future generations.

Pigment Ink Pad

These ink pads are acid-free and fade-resistant. Pigment ink pads are excellent for stamping onto ordinary paper, cardstock, tissue paper, wood and other porous surfaces. Pigment ink pads can be used for embossing since the ink stays wet long enough to add embossing powder. Re-inkers are available.


In computer science the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a coloured dot) is called a pixel. Each pixel in a picture has a specific colour and intensity. The greater the numbers of pixels per inch the greater the resolution.