Fabulous folds
e-Magazines - Issue 17 (Dec 2008) (Public)
Monday, 01 December 2008 22:00

Like many other paper crafts, iris-folding originated in the Netherlands. Folded strips of colourful cardstock and patterned paper are layered around a central point to create a spiraling design. We explore this delightful age old technique to create a modern fun twist for layouts and to add dimension.

Fabulous Folds (Intro Image)
Buy Me Some Love by Jowilna Nolte (Page 1)
Buy Me Some Love by Jowilna Nolte (Page 2)

Buy Me Some Love by Jowilna Nolte
This is one of those layout where you happen to stumble across some more everyday photos in your stash. Finding these photos made me realize how much we love these little guys and I simply had to make yet another layout. The paper folding was a fun and refreshing change, and it got rid of some of those off-cuts that are starting to creep over the edge of their container underneath my table. I really love using my off-cuts.
Cardstock by Bazzill Basics. Patterned paper by 7Gypsies, MME, Chatterbox, KI Memories, Basic Grey, Urban Lilly, Japanese Paper Company & Flair Design. Stickers by 7Gypsies. Chipboard embellishments by K&Co. Lettering by Cricut. Other: Embroidery thread, brads, book paper & cardboard.

Buy Me Some Love by Jowilna Nolte (Close-up 1)

Assembling the layout with the folded paper strips
For this layout I used the basic concept of Iris folding and then gave it my own twist. I have never been a fan of old paper crafting techniques but as with everything they all have their own special qualities and it just depends on how you use it. So I simply collected a whole bunch of off-cut strips of patterned paper, handmade paper and cardstock pieces and started off by folding them in half. The frame was done by using a basic Iris folding pattern that lets you adhere the paper strips at an angle all around the inside edges. This was done to suit my photo that I was going to use inside the frame and not the technique. I kept the photo next to me, and while I added each little strip I held the photo inside the frame to see if I was still on the right track. Once done I simply adhered the photo and finished off the back. The strips on the right side that forms a border were done in a similar way. First I folded my strips and cut them straight on the left edge only. I added two strips of double sided tape vertically, one on the outer edge of the cardstock and one where I wanted my strips to start. I added more strips of double sided tape in between these that would keep my horizontal strips in place. The folded strips were then adhered starting at the bottom flush against the edge and overlapping on the right edge. Each strip overlaps the one below it with about 5mm. Once I was done all the way to the top I turned over the cardstock and simply trimmed the right side so that I cut off all the extra overlapping strips of folded paper to get a flush neat edge. The folded strips were used to add journaling strips, stickers and tabs from a 7Gypsies sticker sheet to add a finishing touch.

Fabulous Folds (Photo 1)
Tips for paper folding and using off-cuts
  • Use off-cut strips of patterned paper and cardstock for a modern fun take on the age old technique of Iris Folding.
  • Try combining handmade paper with commercial papers and patterned scrapbooking papers.
  • Once the strips are adhered to your project the back is really untidy and should always be finished off with a plain piece of cardstock to cover up the mess.
  • Vary the width and the quantity of your strips to change the look of your design.
  • Create a beautiful textured border along the edge of your layout or cards by adhering the strips flush against the outside edge.
  • Change the direction and length of your strips. Instead of running the strips horizontal, turn them vertical to change the look.
  • Use the strips to add journaling, stickers, tabs and ribbon loops for added interest.
  • These folded strips are also a fun idea to use on different shapes such as a cardboard Christmas tree. Look out for ready to buy chipboard shapes from Fancy Pants that you can simply cover in folded paper strips. Design and cut your own chipboard shapes and cover them in folded strips.
Buy Me Some Love by Jowilna Nolte (Close-up 2)
Fabulous Folds (Photo 2)

About Iris-Folding
Iris-folding works on the concept of the shape of a camera shutter, the iris of the eye and the iris flower that opens from the centre in deep layers of colour.

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