Issue 15 (Oct 2008)

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On the cover

e-Magazines - Issue 15 (Oct 2008) (Public)
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 21:00

Celebrate the romance of Paris with a canvas that will remind you of days gone by. Fill it with passion, romantic elements, favourite images and a stroke of genius or two using acrylic paints and printed tissue paper. Take a trip to your favourite destination and make a canvas that will fit right into your own frame of mind as well as your creative spot.

Travel log to Siena

e-Magazines - Issue 15 (Oct 2008) (Public)
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 15:00

Inspired by a Becky Higgins sketch, this layout can be interpreted in numerous ways to make it your own like Colleen Butler did here. Use the basic design as a guide to create your own unique layout.

5 Minutes to spare

e-Magazines - Issue 15 (Oct 2008) (Public)
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 10:00

Scrapping time for busy executives and moms is a luxury, so whatever time you have to sneak away and get creative make use of it now. One way of being creative is to accept that there are no rules for creativity. So I have conformed to making some quick and easy 6x12" layouts. Not only can I be as creative as before but only need half the time and half the supplies than before. This bold leap is not permanent but is a refreshing change to the hectic pace and pressure when scrapping 12x12" layouts and filling loads of albums.