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Create the same amount of interest in both sides of a layout by drawing an imaginary centre line. You want to distribute even weight across your layout.


A bitmap is a digital image composed of pixels. The more pixels per inch the higher the quality and size of the resulting file. Bitmaps do not resize will especially when made bigger than 25% of their original size. Unless compressed these images need lots of space to save their pixel information.

Blind Embossing

Blind embossing or dry embossing as it is also known is an easy technique that creates dimension and ads texture to paper. Paper is placed onto an embossing stencil and a stylus is used to trace the outlines creating a raised replica of the stencil on the paper. Placing the stencil and paper over a light box will make it easier to trace.

Bone Folder

A flat piece of bone or plastic that is rounded at one end and pointed at the other. A bone folder is used for scoring and folding paper and cardstock, and are also useful for flattening paper for a secure bond. An essential tool for any paper crafter.


Small metal fasteners. They are available in different colours, sizes and shapes and can be used functionally to fasten paper or embellishments or purely as decoration on any project.


A small rubber rolling pin used to flatten paper and apply ink and paint to surfaces. Easy to clean by simply removing the rubber roller from the handle and rinsing with lukewarm water.


The process to neutralize acid in paper by introducing an alkalic chemical into the paper pulp. Buffering is a process used mainly by paper manufacturers.